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We build mappin to be the best tool four your social travelling experience! Share your trip with friends and family and gather their advices and tips to maker your next trip even better.

When creating mappin we have plenty things in mind. Check out our most important principles.

ease of use

Everybody should be capable of using mappin, now even your grandma can give you great advice on your next trip.

no more headaches

gathering tips from your friends, colleagues and family should never be a headache again. See how mappin will make planning a trip a joyfull event.

start right away

You only need to register an free account with us if you want to create a new trip. Commenting and sharing your experience doesn't require you to sign in.

privacy by default

You decide whom to share your trips and recommendations with. We won't share your information with third party companies.

How about getting started?

We are currenlty testing mappin and are evualiting user feedback. We kindly ask you to try out mappin yourself and provide us with your ideas.

  • No login or signup required. You may test mappin completly free of charge and anonymously. No strings attached - promised!
  • Create your own trip! Create a new trip
  • Comment on a friends trip by entering the trip id. Search a trip

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